A. Kadir



Design is a combination of photo , picture , music and imagination . The Nature is giving us adequete sample for design . i think design is art of expression about according needs . Design and Photography is a big part of my life . if want much information contact me on social media and mail me.

İş Deneyimi
  • Graphic Designer / 3ds Model
    Zmn Tasarım —
  • Mechanical Project Manager
    Z Mekanik — Turkey
  • Brand Manager - Designer
    Sinbo ( Deima A.Ş.) — Turkey
  • Art Director
    Adt Bilişim Ajans — Turkey


Working about ; Graphic Design - UI /UX - Corporate identity - Art Direction - Brand Management - Product Photography - Product Design. I can use much programs about pixel and vector based .

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Program Skills

Pixel Based And Photo editing

Vector Based

Page Design

Video Editing - Motion Graphic

Product Package